How to Unlock a Kenmore F11 Oven

Lisa Wampler

When you turn on a Kenmore F11, you can lock the door to the oven. This is a safety feature to keep children out of a hot oven. The lock also disables all of the keys on the keypad except for one. This prevents children from opening the door, and it prevents them from adjusting the temperature or cooling settings.

  1. Locate the "Loc" icon next to the clock on the display setting. If the "Loc" icon is not illuminated, simply pull open the door. However, if the "Loc" icon is illuminated, the lock is engaged.

  2. Locate the "Stop" button on the bottom right corner of the keypad, and press the button for three seconds. You will hear a beep that indicates the oven door is unlocking. The phrase, "DOOR LOCKED" will flash until the door unlocks. At this point, the "Loc" light will turn off.

  3. Pull open the oven door with the handle.