How to Stop a Chair from Squeaking

A squeaky chair in an office or any location is distracting and can take attention away from the more important daily events. When chairs are manufactured the manufacturing company uses its own lubricant to keep it from squeaking. Over time, as the chair parts move and stress under weight, the pieces that rub together begin to squeak. Reapplying lubrication on a routine basis will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the chair's parts and keep squeaks at bay.

A squeaky chair is everybody's problem.
  1. Lay a piece of plastic down on the floor.

  2. Flip the chair upside down on the plastic and spray each of its joints, hinges, springs, wheels and moving pieces with an anti-squeak lubricant spray.

  3. Wipe away all dripping lubricant with paper towels and then flip the chair upright. Sit in the chair and move around in it while listening for squeaks. If squeaks persist flip the chair over again and spray any missed areas. Wipe off the excess spray and retest for squeaks. Repeat this process until the squeaks are gone.


  • Some anti-squeak lubricant sprays are flammable and should not be used near open flame.
  • Wear eye goggles to avoid getting the spray in your eyes.