How to Remove Mouse Droppings From Ceiling Sheet Rock

Cody Sorensen

Mouse droppings collected on top of ceiling gypsum wall board -- a building material panel that is commonly called drywall or "sheet rock," after a well-known trademarked brand of wall board -- can cause an unpleasant odor in a home if left unchecked. The feces creates unsanitary conditions in an attic and needs to be addressed. The attic of a home where mice build nests and move around without fear of humans can become a breeding ground for disease and can cause damage to a structure. You can set traps to catch and remove mice from the attic, but you'll still need to remove the droppings.

A mouse in the attic is an unwelcome guest.
  1. Put on a pair of disposable coveralls, clear safety glasses, rubber gloves and a dust mask.

  2. Climb into the attic through the entry hole or stairwell.

  3. Stuff all insulation into garbage bags. Walk only on the ceiling joists. Avoid walking on the drywall ceiling, because you can fall through it. Some insulation rolls up and other insulation (blown-in) is in pieces that you'll have to scoop up with a shovel.

  4. Remove the garbage bags from the attic.

  5. Bring a shop vacuum into the attic. Plug it in to a power outlet.

  6. Vacuum every inch of the drywall ceiling. Vacuum along the edges where the drywall is attached to the ceiling joists. Vacuum wherever you can visibly see mouse droppings until the drywall ceiling is free of droppings.