How to Clean a Ducane Grill

Joshua Benjamin

Grilling is a dirty business. Regardless of whether you're cooking up your favorite set of kebabs, or putting the finishing touches on a lovely T-bone steak, there's one thing you can be sure of -- that grill is going to need a good cleaning by the end of it all. Ducane's line of grills are all of the "gas" variety, and are fairly simple to keep clean even after the messiest of grill-fests.

  1. Turn all the gas adjustment knobs to the "High" setting.

  2. Light the gas burners either with a match or -- if your grill is equipped with one -- the electric starter button.

  3. Wait a few minutes for the grill's temperature to rise, then scrape away the grime from the grates with your wire brush while the flames are on. Be sure to clean between the grates as well, rather than just brushing along the top.

  4. Turn off the grill once you have finished cleaning the grates.