Do it Yourself Trailer Guttering

Building a gutter on a trailer or mobile home is a wise way to increase the life of the structure. Gutter spouts gather running rain water and redistribute it away from the structure to prevent damage. Adding a gutter to a trailer or mobile home boosts the aesthetic appeal and also enhances the overall value of the structure. Completing this job requires the help of an assistant and can be completed over a single weekend.

Wide down spouts alleviate blockage.
  1. Measure the pitch of your roof. Pitch is determined by calculating the vertical height of the structure over 1-foot--or 12 horizontal inches. For example, if your roof raises 7 vertical inches per one foot of horizontal length, the pitch measurement equals 7/12. Use this measurement to determine the type of vinyl gutter material you need.
  2. Measure the overall length of the roof and the distance between the roof and the ground. Double each measurement to determine how much gutter and spout material you will need. For example, if the length of your roof is 12-feet you will require 24-feet in gutter material; 12-feet of material for both sides of the roof. If the distance from the roof to the ground is 10-feet you will require 20-feet of spout material; 10-feet per each side of the trailer.
  3. Position the section lip of the gutter flush against the roof. Screw rust-proof nails into the prefabricated holes on the section lip as you secure each gutter piece together. If your roof has shingles, screw the section lip beneath the shingles directly to the roof. Use inside corner and outside corner connectors if your roof has any bends, as necessary.
  4. Secure a metal gutter bracket hanger every six inches to the inside of the gutter. Hangers keep the gutter intact and prevent it from expanding or collapsing.
  5. Snap end caps onto each end of your gutter.
  6. Screw a 3- by 4-inch aluminum down spout elbow to the drop outlet.
  7. Attach the down spout to the elbow and push it flush against the surface of the trailer. Screw the down spout to the trailer via prefabricated down spout strap holes.
  8. Position a splash block under each down spout end.

Things You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Hacksaw
  • Vinyl gutter material
  • Hangers
  • Down spouts
  • Splash block
  • Shears


  • Use a hacksaw or metal shears to trim a down spout material as necessary.

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