How to Clean a Maytag Ice Maker

Mario Calhoun

The Maytag Ice Maker produces 50 pounds of ice per day while running, and over time, collects minerals from the water supply connected to the appliance. Collected minerals harden in the machine to create crusty mineral deposits, and must be cleaned to maintain the appliance's performance. The frequency of cleaning the Maytag Ice Maker depends on the number of times it is used, as well as the duration of use.

Eliminate mineral deposits from your Maytag Ice Maker through regular cleaning.

Step 1

Press "On/Off" to power off the Maytag Ice Maker and wait 15 minutes for the ice to stop falling into the ice tray.

Step 2

Open the ice maker's door and turn the drain cap to the left to unscrew it from the storage bin. Wait for all of the water to drain from the appliance's water pan before continuing.

Step 3

Screw the drain cap back onto the water pan and pour the entire bottle of the Maytag Ice Maker cleaner into the water pan.

Step 4

Fill the empty bottle of cleaning solution with water twice and pour the water into the water pan.

Step 5

Close the Ice Maker's door and press "Clean" to start the cleaning cycle, which takes 70 minutes to complete.