How to Protect Bar Stool Rungs

Michael Davidson

Bar stools undergo a lot of wear and tear since people typically rest their feet on the stool's rungs, resulting in the rungs getting worn down. The rungs also collect a lot of dirt off of people's shoes and they can quickly lose their luster as a result. Protecting bar stool rungs requires some preparation and you'll likely need to ask your guests' assistance in keeping your rungs and bar stools looking like new.

Bar stools look their best when their rungs are clean and not worn.
  1. Request guests to either keep their feet off the rungs or to take their shoes off to prevent the shoes from tracking dirt on the rungs and wearing them out.

  2. Wipe down the rungs with a damp rag after each use to get rid of any dirt or debris that has accumulated on them. Dry them off with a towel afterward to prevent water damage.

  3. Dry any beverage spills as soon as they occur. If someone spills their drink while sitting on the stool, the rungs can be splashed with the beverage, resulting in staining or corrosion of the rungs aren't wiped off immediately.

  4. Store the stools upside down on top of the bar or tucked in underneath the bar counter when not in use to eliminate the risk of people tripping over them and damaging the rungs.

  5. Keep the bar stools out of direct sunlight for any length of time to prevent the rungs from being faded by sun rays.

  6. Keep your stools an arm-length away from each other to prevent the rungs from hitting each other when the stools are being moved. A 7-foot bar should only have three stools to prevent overcrowding.