How to Prevent Sliding-Door Break-Ins

Sliding-glass doors in your home provide your family with an outside view that you don't get with regular doors. The downside, however, is that this type of door can allow intruders quicker access to the inside of your home. Break-ins through sliding doors are a serious problem, making it important to plan ahead and secure your doors against break-ins that could put your family in danger.

Sliding doors don't have to leave your home vulnerable.
  1. Install track grips onto your sliding door. This device keeps the sliding panel within your door from being easily removed from the outside. Instead of just having the track beneath the door, a track grip comes up on each side at the bottom of the panel and is tightened. It must be loosened before the door can be moved.

  2. Place a spring bolt on your sliding door for added security. This device also keeps the sliding panel from moving, preventing break-ins by being drilled into place. It is installed in the bottom track, where it will block any movement of the door when its pin is in position.

  3. Screw a security bar into the doorjamb of your sliding door. This bar locks the sliding door securely once it's closed from the inside, helping to prevent break-ins from the outside.

  4. Insert a wood dowel inside the track of your sliding door to keep it closed. This mechanism prevents the door from being forced open during a break-in.

  5. Connect your sliding door to your home security system. In the event of a break-in involving your sliding door, your home alarm system will sound.

  6. Place a decal on the outside of your sliding door that tells intruders it's connected to your home security system, and that the police will be called immediately in the event of a break-in.

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