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Instructions for an Oster Meat Grinder

G.K. Bayne

The Oster meat grinder, while no longer manufactured, was made in two versions that can still be found today at yard sales, flea markets and online auctions. One version of the grinder attaches to an Oster kitchen center, and the other is a standalone electric model. Parts for these grinders are available from various vendors.

Kitchen Center Model

Step 1

Wash and dry all parts of the grinder before assembling. Lightly coat the meat auger with vegetable oil. You can also use a nonstick spray to lightly coat the auger.

Step 2

Hold the grinder body in one hand with the lower body opening facing up.

Step 3

Slide the meat auger into the body of the grinder, pushing the long metal stem through the hole on the backside of the body.

Step 4

Slide the cross-shaped cutting disk onto the exposed short meat auger stem inside the grinder body.

Step 5

Slide the grinding disk over the cutter.

Step 6

Attach the retaining ring tightly to the grinder body.

Step 7

Attach the head of your kitchen center backward over the power base.

Step 8

Slide the exposed, large meat auger stem into the grinder hole and tighten in place with the lock-down screw on the head.

Step 9

Place a bowl beneath the grinder to catch the meat as it falls.

Electric Standalone Model

Step 1

Assemble the grinder parts in the same way as listed for the kitchen center grinder.

Step 2

Attach the grinder assembly to the grinder base and secure in place with the lock-down screw.

Step 3

Place the grinder on a flat surface and plug into an electrical outlet. Place a bowl beneath the grinder to catch the meat.

Using the Grinder

Step 1

Fill the feed tube of the grinder with meat cut into 1-inch cubes.

Step 2

Turn on the grinder. For the standalone model, this is simply turning on the switch. For the kitchen center model, turn the dial on the motor base to grind and press the "ON" button.

Step 3

Feed meat into the tube and use the meat pusher to push the meat down the tube into the grinder. The bowl will catch the meat as the auger pushes the meat into the blades.