How to Calculate a 16-Inch Cinder Block

When you are constructing a building foundation or wall out of cinder blocks, you will need to perform some basic calculations to figure out how many cinder blocks you will need.

Simple calculations determine quantities of cinder blocks for a building project.Simple calculations determine quantities of cinder blocks for a building project.
You will also need to estimate how much sand and mortar are required to lay them. Cinder blocks are an inexpensive building material that can be used to quickly erect walls and other structures.

Measure the dimensions of the structure you wish to build. You will have to know the length and height, in inches, of each wall you want to construct.

Calculate the number of 16-inch cinder blocks required to build your wall. A standard cinder block is 8 inches deep, 16 inches long and 8 inches high. For example, to calculate the number of blocks needed for a 320-inch-long wall that will be 80 inches high, divide the length by 16, yielding 20 blocks, and the height by 8, giving 10 blocks. Multiply the two numbers together and you will get the total number required to build that wall; 20 times 10 equals 200 blocks needed for that wall.

Calculate the amount of sand and mortar required to construct the wall. You will need 600 pounds of sand and 2.5 bags of mortar mix for each lot of 100 cinder blocks that you intend to use. In this case you are using 200 cinder blocks, so double the total of each amount, totaling 1,200 pounds of sand and five bags of mortar.

Things You Will Need

  • Calculator
  • Tape measure or ruler

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