My Shark Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Does Not Suck Dust

If your Shark bagless vacuum cleaner isn't sucking up dust and dirt off your floor, you have a serious housecleaning problem. As cleaning your floor is the primary thing a vacuum is designed to do, you'll want to take steps to fix the situation as quickly as possible. Assuming there aren't significant mechanical or electrical problems with your Shark, there are a few basic techniques you can try to get the vacuum cleaner up and running again.

  1. Empty the dust and dirt collection container on your Shark bagless vacuum cleaner. If this container (accessible from the rear of the vacuum) fills up, it could prevent the vacuum from sucking up any additional debris off the floor.

  2. Change your filters. Shark bagless vacuum cleaner models have a variety of filters installed, including a dust cup filter, a secondary filter and a motor filter. If any of these filters become clogged or need cleaning, your vacuum cleaner may lose its sucking power.

  3. Verify that nothing is lodged in the bottom of your vacuum and that the bristles that make contact with the floor are still spinning. As you move your vacuum across your floor, a brush underneath the base helps dislodge and suck up debris. If you try to suck up something that is too large for the vacuum, these bristles may get stuck and stop spinning, preventing the vacuum from effectively removing dirt and dust from the floor.

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