How to Slipcover a Barrelback Chair

Cameron Easey

Change the look of the furniture in your home, such as a barrelback chair, with a new slipcover. Make your own slipcover in lieu of buying one from a store. Use material remnants that you already have to make the slipcover or buy fabric that matches your decor from a fabric store.

  1. Measure the dimensions of the chair with the tape measure. This includes the front, back and the sides for the width, height and depth. Add 1-inch to each measurement to allow for a seam. Make a note of the measurements.

  2. Draw the pattern for the chair on a paper. Label each section so you know what pieces to sew together.

  3. Place the fabric for the slip cover over the chair. The material should go all the way to the floor.

  4. Mark the seams of the chair on the fabric with chalk. Make the mark at least ½ an inch below the actual seam on the chair to allow for extra material when sewing the seam.

  5. Lay the fabric material on the floor. Cut the fabric along the chalk lines with the scissors. Mark on the back of the fabric to label each section based on your pattern from Step 2.

  6. Place the cut pieces of fabric on the chair and secure them together with safety pins. Sew together the seat section and the front back section with the sewing machine.

  7. Continue to sew together the remaining pieces of the slip cover. Add a ruffle or a pleat to enhance the look of the slip cover.