How to Fasten Hardi Panels

HardiPanel is a brand name for fiber cement siding that is manufactured by James Hardie Building Products. Durable cement boards (cementitious backer units) are often generically called Hardi Boards or Panels even though the actual board may be manufactured by someone other than Hardie Building Products. Cement boards have become popular as shower wall support boards in bathrooms as the board is resistant to water and mold and mildew growth. This board also provides a good backer for the installation of tile and other materials.

A tile shower that can be built over cement backer boards.
  1. Position cut Hardi Panels over wall areas so that the ends of the panels overlap half of a wall stud (similar to drywall installation). Areas where the panel ends between studs need to be blocked so that the panel has a screw to surface.

  2. Apply a level to the top of the panel and mark the studs with lines. Hold the panel against the studs and up to the lines.

  3. Screw a Hardi Panel fastener through the panel and into the stud. If the fastener doesn't draw the panel down hard (so that the fastener head indents the panel slightly) then reverse the fastener and run the fastener inside the hole in reverse for a few revolutions of the screwdriver. This will loosen the hole in the stud and allow the top of the fastener to grab more firmly at the panel.

  4. Tighten the panel back onto the stud. Repeat every 12 inches along each stud or blocking.

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