Smith's Knife Sharpener Instructions

Matt McGew

Sharpening knives with a traditional knife sharpener is not an easy undertaking for most people. Smith's Knife Sharpener is a simple device designed to sharpen your knives in 10 seconds or less. The blades of tknife sharpener are pre-set to ensure that you sharpen your knives at the correct angle every time.

  1. Grasp the knife sharpener so that your fingers are inside the hand guard and your thumb is on the labeled thumb rest located at the top of the sharpener.

  2. Hold the knife on a counter or table with the blade facing up. Position the knife so approximately 1 inch of the knife's blade extends past the surface of the counter or table.

  3. Place the "V" from the knife sharpener on top of the knife blade as close to the knife handle as possible. Position the knife sharpener at a 90-degree angle to the knife's blade.

  4. Slide the sharpener across the knife blade while applying light downward pressure. Repeat four times.