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How to Find the Model Number on a Necchi Alco Sewing Machine

Stephen Lilley

If you ever need to order replacement parts for your Necchi Alco sewing machine or send it out for repairs, you're going to need to know the model number. This number identifies it and separates it from any other model of Necchi Alco sewing machine ever made. You can find the model number of your specific unit in one of a few different places, depending on how much of the machine's original packaging you have left.

  1. Examine the original instruction manual that came with your Necchi Alco sewing machine. On the cover of this manual will be the model number, printed beneath the "Necchi Alco" logo. This number will also be in a few different places inside the pages of the manual, including on the page that gives a general overview of the unit's technical specifications.

  2. Look on the carrying case that came with your Necchi Alco sewing machine, if applicable. Not all models came with hard plastic carrying cases, but the ones that did came with a case that was designed specifically for that model of sewing machine. A label will be on the exterior of the sewing machine detailing the exact model number of the machine contained within.

  3. Find the identification plaque on the sewing machine itself. Somewhere on the sewing machine -- and the location changes depending on the model -- you will find a square metal plaque containing both the model number and serial number. This plaque will either be on the bottom of the unit or on one of the sides.

  4. Take your Necchi Alco sewing machine to a specialist. That person should be able to tell you the model number of your Necchi Alco with minimal hassle.