How to Treat Fence Posts

Treating your fence posts with used motor oil before inserting them into the ground can extend their life on average approximately 40 years.

The exact length of time the posts will last is determined by the physical condition of the post and the type of wood used to make the posts. The part of the post that is treated is buried underground. Treat the fence posts by placing them in motor oil and allowing the oil to soak into the wood.

Collect enough used motor oil to fill at least two feet of a 55-gallon barrel. Pour the oil into the barrel and keep it covered until you are ready to treat the fence posts.

Place the fence posts into the barrel. The 55-gallon drum is able to accommodate several posts at the same time. Allow the posts to soak for at least one week to give the oil time to penetrate the wood.

Remove the fence posts from the barrel and insert a new batch. Repeat the process until all of the fence posts are treated and ready to be inserted into the ground.

Things You Will Need

  • 55-gallon barrel
  • Used motor oil


  • You can collect used motor oil by asking your local garage or oil change center. Alternatively, you can also ask people in your neighborhood who perform their own oil changes for their used motor oil.

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