How to Repair a Nutone Central Vac

While using your NuTone central cleaning system, it is possible for you to come across a few problems.

Some of the problems you can encounter include blockages in the hose, the unit not powering on (or suddenly powering down during operation) and the LED lights on the unit all flashing red. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems that you can try yourself before having to have the unit professionally repaired.

Remove any blockages from the hose, as this can cause a decrease (if not a complete loss) of vacuum. Take the handle end of the hose and plug it in to the utility valve (which is found next to the main unit), then turn the unit on. This reverses the air flow and dislodges any obstructions. (See Reference 1)

Switch the unit off if you attempt to start it but it does not power on (or if it suddenly powers down during operation) but no LED lights turn red. Unplug the unit and wait 20 minutes, then plug it back in and switch the unit on. (See Reference 1)

Replace the bag if the unit suddenly shuts down and all the LED lights turn red. Open the unit's main door. Grab the tab and pull out and down to cause the bag holder to move in to its bag removal position. Grab the cardboard section of the full bag and slide the bag out until it detaches (the bag should be about halfway out by the time it detaches). Slide the bag into the debris pail. Grab the pail's handles on both sides of the unit and pull out, then push up to release them. Take the debris pail and dispose of the bag. (See Reference 1)

Open a new bag and place it into the debris pail. Reattach the debris pail to the main unit by the handles, then open the door and inspect the bag holder (it should still be in the down position). Reach through the open door to grab the bag and slide the cardboard tab on to the bag holder. Place the holder back in to its normal position, which causes the bag to automatically lock in place. Close the unit's main door and hit the "Reset" button. (See Reference 1)


  • It is possible that the wall inlet you hook the unit up to is malfunctioning, which prevents the unit from receiving power. In such a case, you need to either find another inlet or have the inlet repaired. (See Reference 1)