The Best Way to Hang Bicycles in a Garage

Storing your bicycle can be difficult if you don't own a shed or garage. Leaving the bike outside makes it a target for theft and the elements, and bicycles take up a lot of space inside the house. If you own a garage, hanging up your bicycle is not only a good way to save space but a safe place to keep your bicycle out of the rain and hands of potential thieves.

Store your bike in the garage.

Step 1

Buy bicycle hooks at a hardware store or a bicycle shop. These hooks should be covered with rubber or plastic.

Step 2

Use the stud finder to locate the studs in your garage wall.

Step 3

Decide where you want to hang your bike. Lift up the bicycle to that location and have a friend mark on the wall with a pencil where you should install the hooks.

Step 4

Drill starter holes in the wall with the drill where you want to install the hooks.

Step 5

Screw in the hooks. Hang the bike carefully on the hooks to make sure they will hold its weight.