How to Arrange Room and Bedroom Set With Small Space

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home. It should provide you with peace, solace and much needed rest and relaxation. However, some bedrooms are small and can feel cramped, especially if they have too much furniture or furniture that is too large. To ensure your bedroom makes you feel refreshed, even if it's tiny, follow a few organizational tips. Remember that when dealing with a small space, less is more.

No matter the size of your bedroom, you can make it an enjoyable space.
  1. Downsize your furniture, if possible. For example, a king-size bed and dresser set often can overwhelm a small room, so you might want to buy a queen-size bed. Similarly, consider whether you can go with a smaller dresser and bedside tables, or no bedside tables at all.

  2. Measure the length and width of your bedroom and the dimensions of your bedroom furniture. Use graph paper to create a scale of your room and furniture, and try several approaches for fitting in your furniture.

  3. Place your bed first. If your bedroom is rectangular, place your bed on the longest wall. Do not place your bed on a wall with a closet or door.

  4. Choose a bedside table with drawers, or install a storage container under the table to give yourself concealed additional space.

  5. Put your dresser in your closet, if there's room to put the dresser there without using all your hanging space. .

  6. Install shelves behind your bed in place of a headboard or on the wall. These provide additional space for books, knickknacks, plants and other personal items.

  7. Install a hanging shoe rack over your closet door. This keeps your shoes off the floor and out from under your bed, leaving valuable space, and it helps keep your room from feeling cluttered.

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