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How to Fix a Craftsman Toolbox Floor Drawer Jam

Susan Revermann

Craftsman is a popular manufacturer of hand and power tools, toolboxes and lawn equipment. A Craftsman toolbox is a convenient place to organize and store your tools and supplies. Although toolboxes are a low maintenance item you may experience the occasional drawer jam. The problem may be the result of a misalignment, an obstruction or an indicator that the glides need to be lubricated. Whatever the case, this problem should not take long to rectify.

Craftsman toolboxes are found in many garages.
  1. Take out all of the toolbox drawer contents and put them to the side. This will eliminate excess weight in the drawer while you are fixing the jam.

  2. Look on both sides of the jammed drawer to see if the glides are misaligned. There is a drawer glide on each side of the drawer as well as corresponding glides on the toolbox.

  3. Realign the drawer if it appears to be crooked or misaligned on the track. Pull or push on one of the corners of the drawer until the front of the drawer is parallel with the front of the toolbox.

  4. Spray the glides with WD-40 or an equivalent lubricating spray if the realignment did not work. Open and close the drawer several times to work the spray into the glides.

  5. Press and hold pressure on the tabs of both glides. The tabs can only move up or down. As you are holding the tabs pull the drawer completely out of the toolbox. Look inside the toolbox where the drawer was for anything obstructing or catching on the drawer. If you find an obstruction remove it.

  6. Realign the glides and push the drawer back into the toolbox, making sure the drawer is not crooked.