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How to Remove a Freezer Drawer in a Kenmore

Kenneth Crawford

The Kenmore freezer's storage consists of shelves, wire baskets and one drawer on many of its combination refrigerator/upright freezer models. Occasionally something falls behind the freezer drawer, preventing it from closing completely. Removing a freezer drawer in a Kenmore is exactly the same as removing a drawer in the refrigerator's fresh food compartment. The key is getting the rear of the drawer past the stops on the inside track, which are there to prevent the drawer from being pulled out accidentally.

  1. Open the Kenmore freezer door and open the freezer drawer. Remove the contents from the drawer.

  2. Extend the drawer out as far as the stops allow. The stops prevent the drawer from accidentally coming out of the track and spilling its contents on the floor.

  3. Lift the front of the drawer up and pull the drawer completely out of the freezer. The back of the drawer will ride over the top of the stops in this position.