Troubleshooting a Kenmore Heavy Duty Super Capacity Washer

Meredith Jameson

The Kenmore Heavy Duty Super Capacity Washer machine offers a large-capacity tub and many features, including three speeds, variable water level and temperature options, extra or pre-rinse settings, and different selections for numerous types of fabric. Even though the washing machine should operate well with general care and maintenance, issues may arise occasionally. Many problems that may occur with the washing machine can be resolved through some troubleshooting steps and can help individuals avoid the need to contact Kenmore or other service professionals for repair service.

  1. Ensure the Kenmore heavy duty washing machine is firmly connected to a power supply if it is not operational. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker if necessary.

  2. Rotate the control knob to the desired wash cycle and pull the knob out if the washing machine has power but is not starting. Ensure that the lid is shut completely.

  3. Examine the water inlet hoses if there is leaking. Place a towel under the hoses and turn off the water faucets before unscrewing the hoses. Ensure the washers that connect the hoses to the faucets are seated evenly in the hose and clean the inlet screens inside each hose. Reconnect the hoses to the water faucets and tighten firmly.

  4. Tighten the nuts on the front feet and adjust the rear feet if the washing machine is leaking or shaking during operation. Remove items from the tub if the load size is too large.

  5. Clean household drains if the washing machine will not drain and straighten the drain hose. Use a smaller amount of detergent and make sure the lid is firmly closed.

  6. Move the timer knob to the right and pull out to start if the machine stops suddenly during use. Note that the washer may pause briefly in between cycles before resuming; this is normal.