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Convection Oven Safety

Andrea Drinkard

While a convection oven can be a convenient way to prepare food, it can also be hazardous if not used properly. Pay close attention to the placement of the appliance, its use, and cleaning to prevent harm to the family.


Use mild soap and water to clean the inside of the convection oven after each cycle.

If the convection oven has legs, they should be installed, as failing to do so can cause overheating and, possibly, a fire. The unit should be placed on a level position to ensure proper ventilation. Ensure the unit is far from liquids and cleaning compounds as these can be extremely flammable and may explode in the event of a fire.


The unit must be cooled completely before it is cleaned. After each cycle, clean the inside of the unit with soap and water, but do not use more potent cleansers. Do not spray any liquids on the outside of the appliance as it can enter the electrical compartment and short circuit the oven or electrocute people and pets.

Using the Oven

The exterior of the convection oven may get hot; therefore, do not touch the appliance without potholders until it has cooled completely. Do not leave the operating appliance unattended as fires are extinguished easier when they first begin and are not given the opportunity to spread.