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How to Use LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner in a Washing Machine

Stephen Lilley

LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner is a special type of liquid laundry detergent produced by a company of the same name. How you use LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner depends on a few things. For one, the size of your load plays an impact on how much to use. Also, how detergents are poured into your specific washing machine model also determines how you will go about using LA 's Totally Awesome Cleaner.

Step 1

Determine the size of your laundry load. If you are only washing a few shirts or a few pairs of pants, for example, you would be washing a "small" load. If your washing machine is almost entirely filled with clothes, this is a "large" load.

Step 2

Remove the cap from your LA's Totally Awesome laundry detergent.

Step 3

Pour your liquid detergent into the bottle cap. Fill the cap to the "Large" load line if you have a large load to wash; pour a small amount if you are washing just a few items. Pour your LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner into your washing machine, and start your load.

Step 4

Pour your liquid detergent into your washing machine's laundry detergent compartment, if applicable. This compartment is typically located near the top of the unit and pours the detergent into the machine at a certain point during the cycle. Close the cover to the compartment, close the lid on your washer, then start your load.