How to Use an Herbal Vaporizer

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and you have a prescription, or if you have obtained other legal herbs that you would like to consume, you can get the same results of smoking with less harsh side effects with an herbal vaporizer. Vaporizers heat the herbs gently rather than burning them, which causes smoke. The gentle heat will form a vapor that can be inhaled.

  1. Turn the dial on the vaporizer to access the highest heat setting. Allow the heating element on the front of the vaporizer to turn red.

  2. Prepare the herbs to be vaporized by putting them through an herb grinder. Remove any stems or seeds.

  3. Place the ground herbs on the screen in the vaporizer hand piece. Only use enough ground herbs to just cover the screen, otherwise burning could occur.

  4. Place the end of the hand piece that does not have a mouthpiece attached over the heating element on the front of the vaporizer.

  5. Suck through the mouthpiece with a long and steady drag. If you are getting smoke, you are sucking too hard.

  6. Remove the hand piece from the heating element in between use to avoid burning the herbs.

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