How to Use Fence T-Bar Clips

Fence T-bar clips are designed to be used on metal T-bar posts and wire fence including barbed wire.

Install a clip on a T-post with a clip installation tool.
Suitable for use when establishing a livestock or property boundary, T-bar clips can be an attractive solution compared to twisted wire for securing wire to a T-post. A clip installation tool, used to attach the clip to the T-post, saves time and can speed up the fence installation process. .

Determine the height on the T-post at which the fence wire will be installed. Consider the intended purpose of the fence and choose a height at the top, middle or bottom of the post for installation.

Insert a fence clip into the jaws of the clip installation tool. Close the jaws slightly so that the clip is held securely in place.

Position the jaws of the clip installation tool, with clip attached, around the T-post in the desired installation position.

Close the jaws of the clip installation tool together to crimp the clip around the T-post. Securely attach the clip to the post so that it will not slip up or down over time.

Open the jaws of the installation tool and remove it from around the T-post.

Place a strand of wire between the top and bottom tap of the clip. Hold the wire in place and insert the point of a nail down through the hole in the top tab, across the wire and through the hole in the bottom tab.

Things You Will Need

  • T-post
  • Clip installation tool
  • Clip
  • Nail
  • Wire

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