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How to Replace a Lock on a Craftsman Toolbox

Artesia Peluso

If you lock yourself out of your Craftsman toolbox or purchase a used one with a defective lock you can replace the lock. Craftsman is a popular toolbox brand manufactured by the Sears Holdings Corporation. Known for high capacity storage and dependable lock features, the Craftsman brand is a popular choice among mechanics and DYI enthusiast who own lots of tools.

  1. Look for the white model number/serial r sticker on the back or bottom of the toolbox. Visit the website for Sears and enter in the model number of the toolbox. Order the lock(s) that match your toolbox.

  2. Use a drill and drill out the rivets until you free the lock from the toolbox frame.

  3. Open the toolbox and empty all cabinets, drawers and containers.

  4. Position the new lock over the place where the old lock was attached. Affix the lock with screws and screw them in with the drill. Add washers to the back of the screws to secure them on tightly. Repeat this step for each lock on the toolbox.