How to Troubleshoot a Norcold Ice Maker

Norcold manufactures a variety of refrigeration units for recreation vehicles, trucks, vans and other mobile units. The refrigerators come in gas absorption or AC/DC models as well as portable units, and many Norcold refrigerators include an ice maker. While the ice maker should function well with typical care and maintenance, if owners experience issues with the ice maker, some troubleshooting may be useful in determining the problem source and finding a resolution.

Norcold refrigerators with an ice maker come in a variety of sizes for recreational vehicles.
  1. Verify that the Norcold refrigerator is plugged firmly into an AC power receptacle if the ice maker is not working.

  2. Open the water valve on the vehicle if there is power to the refrigerator but no ice production. Push the ice maker power arm down to turn on the ice maker.

  3. Keep the refrigerator door shut for several hours and adjust the thermostat to a colder temperature to allow the interior temperature to reach the necessary level to create ice.

  4. Clear away ice cubes that may be jamming the chute if the ice maker is powered on and there is water supply but no ice. Use a plastic utensil to force the cubes through the dispenser.

  5. Contact Norcold for additional assistance as necessary.

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