How to Open a Jammed Garage Door

Occasionally, like all things in life, garage doors simply refuse to work properly. Garage doors can jam for a variety of reasons; fortunately, they all have a relatively simple fix. You'll need more than one pair of hands for this exercise, however, as a good degree of elbow grease will be required to get the door unstuck.

  1. Search for the pull-cord on your garage door opener's track. When pulled, this cord will detach the garage door from the automatic garage door opener and allow you to pull the door open manually.

  2. Pull the cord to disconnect it from the door opener.

  3. Have your assistant lift upward on the garage door while you pull backward on the cord to guide it back along the track. Depending on the type of door, the garage will either open outward or roll up into the track once you've pulled hard enough.