How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Washer Model 110.92573210

The Kenmore washer model 110.92573210 is part of the 70 series of laundry appliances sold by Sears and manufactured by Whirlpool. Classified as a heavy duty model, the 70 series washers have a 2.8 cubic foot load capacity and five wash cycles. If your Kenmore washer malfunctions or shows signs of a problem, try troubleshooting the appliance to correct minor issues and perhaps save time if a repair technician is eventually needed.

Plug in the power cord for the Kenmore and check the circuit breaker for the washer to be sure it has not tripped.

Push in the control knob for the washer cycle, which is the largest knob on the front panel. Turn clockwise to the desired cycle and pull the knob to start the appliance. Wait for the tub to fill with water and begin the agitation cycle. If the tub does not fill with water, make sure the faucets behind the appliance are open by unscrewing the knobs.

Push the control knob in to stop the appliance if the agitation cycle does not start. This could be the sign of a bad motor or transmission. If you detect a burning or electrical odor that may also be accompanied by a humming sound, this is often the sign of a bad electric motor.

Turn the cycle knob to "Rinse/Spin" to drain the tub of water. If the water does not drain, the water pump may be defective, the drive belt for the pump may be broken or there could be a clog in the discharge hose. Lift the hose out of the drain pipe behind the appliance to catch the water in a bucket and squeeze the clamp on the hose to remove it from the rear of the Kenmore. Poke the end of a screwdriver in the drain pipe of the washer to dislodge any clogs, then reattach the hose.

Tip the washer back toward the wall to inspect underneath the appliance. If a black belt is coiled loosely on the floor, your drive belt for the motor is broken and must be replaced. A broken belt will cause the water pump to stop working and halts the transmission that shifts the appliance through the various wash cycles.

Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver


  • Load fewer clothes in the Kenmore if the laundry is not getting clean. Packing too much into the appliance is a common cause of unsatisfactory results.
  • Lingering soap, clumps of detergent or white spots on clothing are signs that too much detergent or bleach was added to the cycle.

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