How to Repair the Belt on a Maytag Atlantis Dryer

David Clair

The Atlantis line of appliances from Maytag features both gas and electric model dryers. Every Maytag Atlantis automatic dryer uses the same type of motor and pulley system to control the drum. A belt connects to the drum on one end and the pulleys on the other end. A broken belt prevents the drum from rotating and may result in a banging sound inside the dryer when it is running. Replace the faulty belt with a new one to repair the Maytag Atlantis dryer to working order.

  1. Disconnect the power cord before opening the dryer cabinet. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the front panel.

  2. Lift the front panel up and out from the bottom of the Maytag Atlantis dryer. Disconnect the electrical wire connector from the door switch assembly. Set the front panel aside.

  3. Remove the screws holding the plastic shroud in place in front of the belt and pulleys. Set the shroud aside.

  4. Move the idler pulley arm toward the front of the dryer to loosen the belt. Slide the old belt off of the drum and pulleys. Be sure to remove every piece if the belt is broken.

  5. Wrap the new belt around the drum. Position the rest of the belt around the pulleys. Move the idler pulley arm back to its former location.

  6. Replace the plastic shroud in front of the pulleys. Install the screws that hold the shroud in place.

  7. Reposition the front panel. Plug the wire connector into the door switch socket. Install the two screws along the bottom of the front panel.