Instructions for a Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel Mach 6.1

The Hoover Wind Tunnel Mach 6.1 is a self-propelled upright vacuum cleaner with a cyclone dirt container that agitates the dirt that is pulled into the vacuum, rather than a traditional dirt bag. The vacuum also features an agitator brush roll, headlight, thermal protector, filter system, dirt cup and standard belt. The Hoover is fairly easy to operate.

  1. Plug the Hoover Wind Tunnel into a power outlet. Release the cord by pulling firmly on the end of the plug to pull the cord out of the unit. Apply pressure to the foot pedal on the base of the vacuum cleaner to lower the handle of the Wind Tunnel into the cleaning position.

  2. Push the "On/Off" button to turn the machine on. Push the vacuum back and forth over the carpet area to clean. Press "On/Off" to turn off the vacuum when finished. Unplug the vacuum and push the button above the cord reel to wind the cord back into the vacuum.

  3. Push the button on top of the dirt cup to release the dirt container and pull out. Hold the container over a waste bin and push the door release button to open the compartment and empty out the dirt.

  4. Twist the filter on the dirt cup lid counterclockwise and pull out. Lightly brush dirt from the filter into a waste bin. Line the tabs on the filter up with the slots on the dirt container and turn clockwise to return to position.

  5. Locate the secondary filter in the back of the vacuum behind where the dirt cup is positioned. Slide the latch to the right to pull down the filter frame. Remove the foam filter from the housing and rinse both with cold water. Set aside to dry for at least 24 hours. Reassemble the filter into the housing and set the tabs into the slots on the vacuum. Push the back of the filter up to fit it back into place.

  6. Pivot the dirt container back onto the vacuum while pressing the dirt cup release button. Let go of the button to snap the container into place.

  7. Slide the lower filter, positioned below the dirt cup, straight out from the vacuum. Brush the filter to remove dirt and debris and slide the filter back into the vacuum.

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