How to Sharpen Stump-Grinder Teeth

Stump grinders help remove tree stumps. This is done with sharpened teeth that rotate and grind through the stump until it can be removed by hand. Like any tool used for cutting, you eventually need to sharpen stump-grinder teeth. The teeth must be removed from the stump grinder and sharpened individually. This process is done with a standard bench grinder and a special diamond grinder wheel. The entire process can be completed in a single afternoon.

  1. Remove the teeth from the stump grinder. Use a screwdriver or hex key to remove the mounting screws for each tooth. Pull the tooth out. Consult the instruction manual for your particular model for any additional instructions if necessary.

  2. Put on the face shield and dust mask. Fill the bowl with water and place it within reach of the bench grinder.

  3. Turn on the grinder. Allow the grinder to run until it has reached maximum speed.

  4. Hold the stump-grinder tooth to the diamond wheel on the bench grinder. Hold the tooth at an angle that coincides with the original factory contour of the blade edge.

  5. Apply pressure as you slowly move the tooth back and forth laterally on the face of the wheel. Roll the pressure from one edge to the other to camber the edges and corners. Dip the tooth on water every two to three minutes to cool the metal and prevent damage to the wheel or tooth. Repeat the process for each tooth.

  6. Insert the teeth back into the stump grinder and secure them with the mounting screws.

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