How to Use an Anolon Knife Sharpener

Kenrick Callwood

Knife sharpening is a relatively simple process for most people. However, the Analon Universal Sharpener made the task simple enough for literally anyone to complete to perfection. The Analon knife sharpener combines the centuries old art of Japanese whetstone sharpening and a modern wheel system with three increasingly finer grit coatings in a special housing. The user simply places the knife in the slot with the coarsest grit and pulls it through. This is done with each slot until the knife has a razor's edge.

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Step 1

Push the release button at the base of the plastic Analon knife sharpener's water chamber. Open the chamber lid. Fill the chamber with water and close the lid. Press down until it pops into place.

Step 2

Grip the handle of the knife sharpener in one hand. Hold the sharpener parallel to the line of your shoulders.

Step 3

Set the heel of the knife on the far side of the slot with the coarsest whetstone. This is the slot nearest the handle of the sharpener.

Step 4

Pull the knife through the slot and towards your body. Repeat this process two additional times.

Step 5

Move the knife to the middle slot and repeat the process. Move the slot to the final slot and repeat. Try slicing a tomato or sheet of paper to test the sharpness of the blade. The knife will slice through either with minimal resistance if the blade is sharpened adequately.