How to Operate Cat D8R Dozers

The Caterpillar D8R dozer is of the largest pieces of earth moving equipment in the world. D8Rs have a 328 horse-power engine, a length of over 21 feet and are 11 1/2 feet tall. It weighs over 80,000 pounds. While the machine is grand, the joystick control system gives the D8R the feel of a small dozer. It is easy to manage the direction and control the blade. The rear implement attachment is simple to operate as well. With no foot controls, operating this machine is less complex than driving your car.

Operating ithe D8R is as simple as manipulating three joysticks and a throttle.
  1. Sit down in the cab of the D8R. Set the parking brake. Lower the throttle located on the right hand side, next to the console, to idle speed. Fire the engine with the turn-key ignition. Disengage the parking brake. Raise the rpm to half capacity with the throttle.

  2. Push forward on the left joystick and the Cat D8R Dozer will move forward. Pull back, the Cat tracks backwards. Pull right or left on the left joystick to pivot right and left, respectively. In addition to the four basic directions, you can turn at angles. Imagine the face of a clock below the left joystick, 12 o'clock is forward, 6 o'clock is reverse.

    Push the left joystick to 1:30 and you will move forward and right at a 45-degree angle. 7:30 will track the dozer back and left at a 45-degree angle. Simply, whatever direction you push or pull the left joystick, the dozer will track. When you release the joystick, the dozer will stop.

  3. Pull back on the right, front joystick to lift the blade. Push forward on the joystick to lower the blade. Pull left on the joystick to tilt the blade left. Push right on the joystick to tilt the blade right.

  4. Push forward on the back, right joystick to raise the rear implement linkage. Pull back on the joystick to lower the rear implement linkage.

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