High Reach Forklift Instructions

High reach forklifts are used in everyday transportation and organization of pallets.
Learn how to properly operate a high reach forklift.
The pallets are loaded with supplies or objects and then stacked high to keep organization of the inventory neat and safe. High reach forklifts have the ability to carry and lift the pallets to the required level of height for stacking. It’s important to learn the proper way to use a forklift to ensure safety and efficient stacking. .

Step 1

Put on a hard hat and enter the high reach forklift cab. Buckle up to ensure you do not fall out of the cab and to prevent possible injury.

Step 2

Turn the key next to the steering column and start the engine. Hold the clutch in and move shift to the “Low” gear. Gently press the gas pedal as you release the clutch. Steer the forklift to the objects that need to be picked up.

Step 3

Move the forklift height lever to move the forks up and down. Align the forks with the pallet that you need to move. Slowly drive the unit forward until the forks are under the pallet and the pallet is completely on the forks.

Step 4

Lift the forks up and reverse the machine. Drive to the destination to place the pallet. Lift the forks all the way up to the destination. As you lift up, use the tilt lever if needed to ensure the objects do not fall off of the pallet.

Step 5

Position the pallet and drive forward slowly. Once the pallet is in the appropriate spot, lower the forks. Slowly back out of the area while lowering the pallet. The pallet will be placed in the correct spot as the forks are pulled away. Repeat this for each load.

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