How to Turn Down the Temperature in a Refrigerator

Although it is important to make sure that your refrigerator is cool enough to keep the food inside of it fresh, there is not necessarily a certain temperature at which you must keep the refrigerator.
Uss a refrigerator's temperature control to change the temperature.Uss a refrigerator's temperature control to change the temperature.
The recommended temperature is around 38 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you would like to have a slightly cooler refrigerator, you can make changes to the appliance. All modern-day refrigerators are designed to allow you to access the temperature controls.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door.

Step 2

Locate the temperature control. This control is located in different places, depending on the refrigerator you own. Some models have a sliding control along the top or in the back of the inside of the appliance, while others have a digital control on the front panel of the refrigerator. If the control is on the digital display, close the refrigerator door and continue.

Step 3

Press "Temperature" or "Refrigerator" if the refrigerator has a front digital display.

Step 4

Press the "Down" button.

Step 5

Move the control slider inside the appliance downward to adjust the temperature if there is not a digital control on the refrigerator's front panel.