How to Use Charcoal Grill Matchlight Charcoal

For many, grilling is synonymous with warm weather and outdoor fun. It's also an excellent method for preserving your favorite foods' natural flavors and nutritional content. With recipe in hand, all that remains is to fire up the grill and get started. Matchlight, a product of Kingsford, is a type of charcoal with lighter fluid already added. Proper use of this charcoal allows for more effective grilling of food and reduces dangers associated with fires.

Grilling preserves the flavor and nutrition of your food.
  1. Brush the grate or grilling surface with the wire grill brush to remove old gristle and food. Grime on the grill can impart foods with undesired flavor.

  2. Following scraping with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove dust. Side the grate aside.

  3. Pour Matchlight charcoal from the bag into the bottom of your grill. Kingsford recommends using approximately 30 briquettes to grill 1 pound of meat or poultry.

  4. Stack the briquettes into a pyramid formation to conserve heat.

  5. Light the Matchlight briquettes carefully with a match.

  6. Leave the lid off the grill and check back in about 10 minutes. Look for briquettes that are covered in white ash, indicating the grill is ready for use.

  7. Check your recipe, which may require gathering the charcoal on one side of the grill for indirect cooking. The recipe may call for distributing the charcoal evenly around the grill for direct cooking. In either case, use long-handled tongs to direct the charcoal as needed. Replace the grate carefully over the coals once they are arranged as desired.

  8. Replace the lid on the grill once you are ready to cook. Keep the grill covered and close all vents to starve the coals of oxygen so they last longer. Allow 48 hours for the ashes to cool completely.