Bissell Hand-Held Steam Cleaner Instructions

Weighing in at less than 5 lbs.

Cleaning with Bissell's Steam Shot eliminates the need for chemicals and gloves.Cleaning with Bissell's Steam Shot eliminates the need for chemicals and gloves.
, Bissell's Steam Shot is a hand-held steam cleaner that specializes in attacking dirt and germs hiding in tight spaces. It comes with attachments designed for scrubbing grout, removing wallpaper, removing soap scum, cleaning windows and taking wrinkles out of your clothes. The extension hose and 16-foot electrical cord help you reach those hard-to-get-at spaces where gunk and grime grow. In addition to cleaning the tracks on your shower doors and scrubbing the grill, you can also use it to clean and sterilize pet cages, baby toys, microwaves and kitchen counters.

Attach the "Accessory Nozzle" to the steamer by lining up the arrow on the accessory with the "l" mark on the steamer. Turn the accessory clockwise until the arrow lines up with the "ll" mark on the steamer. If you are using the extension hose, attach it to the steamer first, then attach the accessory nozzle to the hose. Attach the accessory of your choice to the accessory nozzle or use the steamer with this nozzle.

Unscrew the black cap on top of the steamer by pushing down and turning counter-clockwise.

Fill the measuring cup with cool water up to the "Max" line. Pour the measured water into the top of the steamer slowly. Replace the cap.

Plug the electrical cord into a grounded outlet. The steamer is ready when the red light turns off.

Press the trigger with your thumb to steam a surface. Wipe the steamed area with a clean cloth.

Things You Will Need

  • Cool tap or distilled water


  • Before refilling the steamer, unplug it and press the trigger to depressurize the tank.
  • Wait five minutes before removing the cap.


  • Do not use the steamer to clean animals, humans or electrical outlets.
  • Do not steam an article of clothing that you are wearing. Remove and hang it on a hook or hanger first.

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