How to Organize Very Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

Keep narrow cabinets organized in your kitchen by installing items that make the utensils and equipment you need accessible. A thin, deep cabinet can seem like nothing but a problem, but if you put the right tools in it, you can turn the cabinet into a useful storage space, where you can stash items that previously did not have a home. Before you begin organizing, get rid of any tools or gadgets you haven't used within a year, or any duplicate items.

  1. Store bottles of oil or vinegar on a lazy Susan in a narrow cabinet. If your cabinet is particularly tall, make use of the wasted space above by using a double decker lazy Susan.

  2. Store cooking magazines or cookbooks in the narrow cabinet. Use paper or wooden magazine holders to hold the magazines upright. When you want to pull out a magazine or book, simply slide the magazine holder out of the cabinet.

  3. Install a pull-out pantry shelf. The pull-out shelf allows you to make use of the cabinet's depth without having to remove every item to get to those in the back. Use a tiered shelf to make the most use of the space.

  4. Keep your bakeware, including your cookie sheets, orderly by installing a bakeware rack. You can also use the rack to store flat kitchen equipment like cutting boards.

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