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How to Lock a Mini Fridge

Lauren Thomason

If you don't trust your roommates to keep their hands off food with your name on it, or if you are concerned about keeping some items safely locked away from others, it might be time to buy a lock for your mini refrigerator. Although you can buy a mini fridge with a lock on it, you can also buy the lock system separately. Don't drill a hole into your refrigerator in hopes of attaching a hinge lock; you might accidentally hit one of the refrigerant lines and ruin the mini fridge completely. Instead, look for a locking system with straps, made specifically for mini fridges.

  1. Remove the locking system from the product packaging.

  2. Remove the adhesive backing from one of the straps in your fridge locking kit. Press the sticky portion of the strap to the front top of the refrigerator for about 30 seconds to ensure it adheres.

  3. Slip the lock through the loop in the strap attached to the fridge, and then slip the other strap's loop through the padlock. Close the lock.

  4. Remove the adhesive backing from the other strap in your fridge locking kit. Line up the second strap on the front of the refrigerator door. Ensure that there is enough give in the straps so that you can easily move the padlock to unlock it, but that there isn't enough room to open up the mini fridge and remove items. Press the sticky portion to the door for about 30 seconds.

  5. Open the fridge by dialing the combination or using your key on the lock and unlooping the straps from the lock. Replace the lock through the straps when you are done in the refrigerator.