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How to Take Dents Out of Appliances

Amanda Knaebel

A falling object, roughhousing children or a bump into a wall or cabinet can dent your appliances. Because professional dent removers can be expensive, you may want to to take out the dent yourself. Several products can help you remove dents from refrigerators, stoves and other appliances, though it is best to consult a professional for larger dents you cannot remove yourself.

  1. Plug in the hot glue gun provided with your adhesive dent remover and allow it to heat up. Squeeze the glue onto the tab of the adhesive dent remover. Dent removers such as Pops A Dent and Ding King often work well on appliances.

  2. Press the dent remover firmly against the dent on your appliance. Let the glue dry for three to five minutes.

  3. Slowly twist the knob on the dent remover until the dent pops out. Loosen the knob and pull the device off your appliance.

  4. Use the supplied solvent or isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag to remove any glue residue on your appliance.

  5. If you can reach the dent from inside the appliance, use a rubber mallet gently tap the dent out from the inside. Tap firmly and sharply until the dent pops out.