How to Use a Griddle

Griddles come in a couple different varieties: stovetop griddles, or those that sit on top of the stove element, and electric-powered ones. Of these two types of griddles, the griddles will be either ridged or flat. Ridged griddles give food a flame-grilled look because the food browns on the ridges and are great for steaks, sausage and even grilled vegetables. Flat griddles are perfect for pancakes, fried eggs or even toasted sandwiches.

Savory pancakes on a large griddle.
  1. Place the griddle on top of the stove if using the stove top variety. The griddle should be over the largest burner, or if your stove has one, the griddle burner (usually oblong in shape). For electric griddles, place on an even surface and plug the griddle in.

  2. Turn on the stove heat, or switch the power on the electric griddle. Spray the surface with a light mist of oil, or brush lightly with a brush and oil. Most griddles are nonstick, so very little oil is required. Let the griddle heat up for about 3 to 5 minutes.

  3. Put your chosen food item on the griddle. If you are using a ridged griddle, lay the food across the ridges, so that it gets the tell-tale "stripes" of a char grill.

  4. Use the spatula or tongs to turn the foods items on the griddle. If your griddle is nonstick, use utensils made for use with nonstick cookware to avoid scratching off the nonstick surface.

  5. Once food is cooked as desired, turn the griddle off at the switch if using an electric one, or turn off the stove burner. Wait for the griddle to fully cool down before cleaning. Use non-abrasive sponges to clean the griddle with hot soapy water. Most electric griddles allow you to remove the cooking surface of the griddle from the heating element for safe cleaning.


  • Always use caution when cooking with a griddle pan as it can reach high heat.
  • Never submerge an electric griddle pan in water and always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.
  • Always wait until the griddle is cold before cleaning to avoid burns.
  • Never take the griddle pan off a gas burner without first turning the burner off as the flame of the burner can flare up and burn you.

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