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How to Connect PVC to Copper Drainage

Russell Wood

When doing building remodeling or redoing the plumbing in your house, an occasion may arise when you need to connect a PVC pipe to a copper drainage pipe. Since PVC is cemented to more PVC and copper is soldered, there's no way to directly connect the two without some kind of adapter. One method of doing this is by using a flexible coupling. This is made of a rubber material and it allows for a connection between the two dissimilar materials and allows for flexibility as well.

Connecting copper pipe like this to PVC pipe takes a special adapter.

Step 1

Place the flexible coupling onto the end of the PVC pipe by sliding it over the tubing until the PVC is sticking up past the end of the flexible coupling.

Step 2

Slide the flexible coupling over the PVC and onto the end of the copper drainage pipe until the flexible coupling is approximately halfway onto the PVC and halfway onto the copper drainage pipe.

Step 3

Tighten down the clamps on the flexible coupling to both the PVC and copper tubing using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Torque the clamps down to 60 inch-pounds using the 3/8-inch torque wrench.