How to Troubleshoot a Dyson DC07

The Dyson DC07 is an upright vacuum that uses cyclone technology as opposed to a traditional dust bag; the vacuum is for use on all types of flooring. The Dyson DC207 features a set of tools, brush control system and a lifetime filter. The vacuum is available for purchase online and in many department, home retail and appliance stores, and comes with a limited warranty. It should operate well with routine care and maintenance. Troubleshooting potential problems with the DC07 can be helpful to users who wish to solve the issue without professional assistance.

  1. Connect the DC07 power cord to a working electrical outlet if the vacuum is not turning on. Replace or reset the fuse or circuit breaker as necessary.

  2. Push down on the release button on top of the clear bin if the vacuum is not suctioning properly. Hold the bin over a waste bin and pull the trigger to open the bottom lid and empty the container. Lift out the filter from the base of where the clear bin sits on the vacuum. Remove the filter pad from the plastic housing and rinse both with water. Allow to dry in a warm location for at least 12 hours.

  3. Check the plunger on the turbine head if the brush bar is not spinning. Pull out the plunger for vacuuming carpets and push it in for cleaning hard floors. Examine the nozzle and hose for other possible blockages and clear as needed.

  4. Turn off and unplug the vacuum if the brush bar is not rotating properly. Use a pair of scissors to remove long strings or hair that may be caught, impeding motion.