How to Put Together a Scentsy Warmer

Tara Kimball

Scentsy warmers come in many decorative designs, all with the same general style. The upper warming tray and bulb warmer are similar in every model. Scentsy (http://www.scentsy.net/) offers more than 80 different scented waxes for your warmer, and a new scent is highlighted every month. Assemble the warmer properly to ensure that the wax melts to distribute the scent without damaging the bulb assembly.

  1. Remove the upper tray from the Scentsy warmer by lifting it out of place. Set the tray aside.

  2. Install the warming bulb, turning it clockwise until it is tight. Replace the top tray on the warmer.

  3. Break one or two squares of the scent of your choice from the block. Place the squares in the warmer tray.

  4. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. The bulb will emit heat that melts the scent blocks.