How to Lower My Mattress

Jule Pamplin

Lowering your mattress may be a necessary step to ease the process of getting into and out of your bed. There are two ways to lower your mattress. You can purchase a metal bed frame that would replace the supportive role of the box spring with metal bars across the width of the frame. Or you can create a support system to work within the bed frame itself, as described here.

When a mattress sits too high, lower it to make getting in and out of bed easier.
  1. Remove your mattress and box spring from the bed frame. Measure the width of the frame with the tape measure.

  2. Purchase 16 2-by-4-inch wood planks cut specifically to the length matching the width of your bed frame.

  3. Place each of the planks across your bed frame on the ledge formerly holding your box spring. Arrange the planks so they are the same distance apart.

  4. Lay the mattress onto the planks carefully so as to not shift the planks while placing the mattress onto the bed frame.