How to Wire Deep Well Pumps

A deep well's pump typically pulls water from a 50 to 300-feet deep hole.

Deep wells use pumps to bring water to the surface.Deep wells use pumps to bring water to the surface.
The pump often hangs about 10 feet off of the bottom of the well. The wires from the pump motor, a circuit breaker and the well's pressure switch enter a control box. When the water pressure in the well's holding tank drops below a preset level, the pressure switch activates the control box. The control box turns on the pump motor through its start circuit. Once the deep-well pump motor attains operating speed, the control box switches to the run circuit.

Turn off the deep well's circuit breaker. In most cases a deep well pump's circuit breaker mounts in the main electric service panel, found next to the electric meter, and uses a "Well" identification tag.

Open the deep well pump's control box, located next to the water storage tank. Many control boxes use a set screw to hold the lid in place, others have a latch. If the control box uses a set screw, remove the screw with the correct screwdriver and pull the lid from the control box. If the control box uses a latch, depress the latch and swing the control box's cover away from its housing.

Inspect and understand the control box's wiring diagram. The wiring diagram will identify each wiring terminal, provides the terminal's function and sometimes lists the pump motor's wire colors. A well pump motor's wires connect to the control box's "Start," "Run," "Common" and "Ground" terminals.

Loosen the deep well control box's pump motor wire terminals with the appropriate screwdriver, often a slotted screwdriver. The run, start and common terminals mount to a terminal block. The ground terminal screws into the control box's housing.

Wrap the deep well pump's green wire around the ground terminal screw. Snug the screw against the green wire with the screwdriver.

Position the deep well pump's red wire in the control box's "Start" terminal. Tighten the "Start" terminal with the screwdriver.

Insert the deep well pump's black wire in the control box's "Run" terminal. Secure the "Run" terminal screw against the wire with the screwdriver.

Place the deep well pump's yellow wire into the control box's "Common" terminal. Lock the terminal screw against the yellow wire with the screwdriver.

Replace the control box's lid before turning on the circuit breaker.

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