How to Make a Floor Fan Work Better

A fan placed on the floor will circulate the air and does not require any installation, for example, as is the case with a ceiling fan. There are a number of ways to improve upon the floor fan’s performance, none of which requires a physical modification of the fan or any windows in the room. Household supplies and tools will be needed.

Step 1

Close the windows and draw the shades when the sun is hitting the side of the house where the windows are located. The air in the room being re-circulated will be cooler than if the window is open and the floor fan is drawing in fresh air from outside.

Step 2

Place the floor fan in front of the window in the room that is to benefit from the fan. Open the window. Rotate the fan so that the front faces toward the room. The floor fan will now draw in the maximum amount of air as the blades turn.

Step 3

Unplug the floor fan from the wall outlet. Remove the screws on the front grille, using a Phillips screwdriver. Wipe both sides of the grille with a water-moistened paper towel. Wipe both sides and the edges of the fan’s blades with water-moistened paper towels to remove dirt and grime build-up lessening the drawing power of the blades. Let the blades and grille air-dry. Place the grille back on the fan and reattach the screws.

About the Author

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