How to Donate Appliances to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity, an organization which describes itself as a "Christian housing ministry," was founded in 1976. Since that time, the organization has built over 400,000 homes for needy families through the labor of volunteers and the use of donated building materials and supplies. One of the many necessities for Habitat for Humanity homes is appliances. Habitat for Humanity accepts personal donations of appliances at its local branches. It's easy to get the necessary donation information online.

  1. Go to the donation web page for your country. Habitat for Humanity offers a separate page of listings for branches, or "ReStores" for the U.S. and Canada. ReStores are the warehouses where donated goods, including appliances, are kept for use in Habitat for Humanity homes.

  2. Select the state in which you live or the province, if you live in Canada. A page opens with listings of the available ReStores in your region.

  3. Click on the link for your nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore to go to the ReStore's website. Click the "Donate" or "Get Involved" link for more information regarding the donation process at your regional ReStore. Some Habitat for Humanity sites list days and times when you can drop off goods, including appliances, at the local ReStore, or may allow you to drop off donations at the ReStore at any time.

  4. Go to the "Contact Us" link to find the contact email address for your regional ReStore if you don't find donation information on your local Habitat for Humanity page. Some Habitat sites provide a separate email address for questions regarding donations, so make sure you select the proper address. Email the regional Habitat for Humanity to find out the donation process.

  5. Take your goods to the ReStore. Habitat for Humanity accepts only appliances that are in working order and in good physical condition.